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Post by Admin on Wed Aug 05, 2015 7:41 pm

The rules is the most important thing on this server
Please always follow them!
If you do not you may get punished if your cault or reported!

No Hacking If You Are Cault You Will Be Banned Permantly

No Spamming If You Are Cault You Will Be Permantly Muted

No Advertiseing Or Private Advertiseing If You Are Cault You Will Be Permantly Muted

No Asking For Kits,OP,Staff,Gamemode,FreeItems,Etc If You Do So You Will Be Permantly Muted

Be safe online! dont trust anyone saying for example free minecraft capes they steal your account! loads of people have been scammed by these! if you are cault doing this... its a big rule so Banned Permantly

No DDoSing The Server Or Players Or Threating
If You Are Cault Threating You Will Be Permantly Muted
If You Are Doing It You Will Be Permantly Banned

No being imaporpaite
This is basicly talking about having S** Talking about D**ks etc
If you are cault doing this you will be Permantly Muted
And you are disgusting..

No Griefing
Raiding IS Aloud But Griefing/Raiding Spawn Shop Etc Is A.. Permant Ban

No Abuseing
This is for staff only if you abuse like ban players randomly for fun or something... Hmm.. permant ban for you.. isnt that nice but wierd? Razz

No Swearing Or Bullying (Beaing Mean Etc) Or Disprespect
Any of these are Permant Mute You Can Get Warns Sometimes Mind! If Your Lucky.. (3)


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