Helper application

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Helper application

Post by TheFlyingFinn on Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:09 pm

- Skype:
- Age:

- IGN Name:

- IRL Name:
- Why shall we pick you:
 Because im friendly, like helping people. I can speak both English and Swedish so I can take care of peopel from the Scandinavian countries if they're not comfortable with
 speaking english.
- Why do you whant to be a helper?:      
 Because this server and you seems like a nice guy and I would love to help you develope this server to something great. I might even be abel to help you code small stuff
 when I get my laptop up running and learn myself. ^^
- If a player is breaking the rules what will you do? right each rule and tell us what cmd you will do for it:
 Hacking-Permantly Ban
 Spamming- Permantly Muted
 Advertising- Permantly Muted
 Asking for kit,ranks,stuff,etc-Permantly Muted
 People try scamming, like offering capes- Banned Permantly
 DDosing, Threating to do it- Permantly Muted
 DDosing, Actually doing it- Permantly Banned
 Being a d**ickhead or just a a**hole- Permantly Muted
 Griefing, (not raiding) - Permant Ban
 If a staff abuses their powers- Permant Ban
 Swaring or bullying- Permant Mute, can get warnings if lucky

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Re: Helper application

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:25 pm

Hmm.. Going to read this twice..............
Crongratz! You Have Been Promoted To Helper!
However.. If I See You Fail This Or Break Rules If You Break A Rule You Will Be Banned Even If Its A Mute If You Fail You Will Be Put Back To Helper Dont Fail And Good Luck!


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